Lemony Arugula Cacio e Pepe

The most perfect early summer dinner, add a glass of nice cold white wine to the mix and and it's a one way ticket to blissville. Promise.

This olive oil is the most delectable we have known. The aroma, consistency, and color bring Italy into our home.
Julie B.
I bought this olive oil for myself and it was so amazingly delicious that I decided to buy more to give as gifts for a couple of my very Italian family members who are notoriously picky when it comes to olive oil. They absolutely loved it and said it “tasted like home.” Also! The packaging is super sophisticated, so it looks great on my counter ;)
Debbie D.
Hands down, the best olive oil I’ve tasted. And now, the only olive oil I’ll use. Buy, Use, Repeat!!
Nicole O.
I've been using olive oil exclusively (yes, even for pancakes and waffles) for a few years now, and I thought I was getting the whole story when I went from 'virgin' to 'extra virgin'. How wrong I was! This is another level of delicious. I don't think I really understood the difference that small, family growers bring to their products ... it certainly does here!
A. Martin
This is probably the best olive oil I’ve ever had. It’s all I’m stocking from now on.
Tim S.
Della Pace is the best olive oil I have ever tasted - quite literally - in my life. When I taste it I am taken away to a field of green grass and flowers. It has a very subtle speck of spice, not bitter like other generic brands. I am in love with it - just as I am in love with the story behind it. Do yourself a favor and commit to this oil as your kitchen staple!
Ashley S.

Sourced from this sunbaked olive grove in Tuscany.

Our farm is located just a few miles from the Mediterranean sea, making the soil and climate wonderful to grow olive trees. You can feel the difference in our oil, the nuances in the taste and smell of Della Pace embody the warm loved earth from which it comes. 

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