Della Pace

LILLA Daily Moisturizer


Reawaken ancient Mediterranean traditions of the past where olive oil was used not only for preparing food, but for maintaining health and beauty.

Here at LILLA, we celebrate all parts of the olive tree.  The often-neglected nectar remaining after olive oil extraction is the primary ingredient in our natural skincare line.  This nectar is packed with powerful polyphenols.  The phenolic compound is brimming with antioxidant properties that not only promote cell renewal but hunt and eradicate free radicals, all while reducing inflammation with their soothing, healing abilities.

We take great pride in our products knowing that they are:

-Cruelty free

-Perfume free

-Dye free

-Silicone free

-Paraben free

-Gluten free

-GMO free

-Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free

Give LILLA beauty a try and be amazed at how power of these natural ingredients will improve your skincare routine.

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