Searching for Peace

Our story begins with a sad woman moving to Italy to escape her life–sounds like the beginning of every romantic comedy ever made, doesn't it?

In 2016 I ended a 10 year career with the military as a medic in the 82nd airborne division and later as an Arabic linguist. After suffering personal losses to the war, I got on a plane and flew to Italy in search of much needed peace. I was 32.

So, now there I was in Rome, alone. I decided to find a date. First date in Italy and BAM! Right there in Piazza Trilussa I meet this adorable southern Italian businessman. We have what was maybe the best dinner of my life as we dined on lobster and truffles and drank delicious Sardinian wine. We laughed, mostly because of the horrible language barrier but enjoyed the night, a lot. He then informed me he lived in Switzerland: Womp, womp.. Back to the drawing board it seemed. But no, our fondness for each other made us persevere and after a year of six hours worth of train rides per week to and from Switzerland, here I am writing this from the cozy apartment that we now share as husband and wife.

In the meantime, I went on and on and on and on again about how much I wanted to be a farmer. He told me early on that he had an abandoned olive grove. I spent a solid six months begging him to let me have them. They were lonely and sad with no one to cultivate their tiny little fruits into my second favorite liquid (behind wine of course.) Finally–he relents! The olives are mine! All mine! We create a plan and partner with a lovely farmer and a lovely mill. Together with them, my dream has come true. We get to send a beautiful, delicious, made with love Italian product home to our family and friends to enjoy, while I get to work in the agricultural field that I hold so dearly to my heart. All the while we get to support a small, artisanal family business. It’s a win for everyone involved but mostly for me. This business has been a pure joy as I get to travel through the Italian countryside and discover the flavors that are produced so lovingly by the farmers on this gorgeous peninsula.

So, there you have it, the short story of where and how Della Pace came to be. I really hope you will join me on this journey of finding peace and sending something I love so much home for you to enjoy.
Caroline Corvaglia