About Della Pace

Among the Tuscan Hills

Near the famous cypress-tree lined road in Bolgheri, you will come across the ancient olive groves which produce the oil for Della Pace. Our olive varieties include Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, Cipressino, Moraiolo, and in small quantities Carolea and Nocellara del Belice.


Soulful Flavors

The soil of our farm is particularly fertile due to the warm climate of the coast. Our grove has been producing oil for hundreds of years and is a testament to the earnest farmers and families that have worked this land for generations. You can taste it in our oil, the nuances in the flavor and smell of Della Pace embody the warm loved earth from which it comes. 


Della Pace for Everyday

Olive oil is a fresh ingredient. In essence it's the juice of a fruit and perishable. Della Pace is meant to be enjoyed wholeheartedly–use it everyday and not sparingly. We've found it's done some magical things to tried-and-true recipes and our health & well-being. We're always curious to hear how it livens up yours.