Della Pace is a small women-owned artisanal olive oil company born out of our love for the bounty and beauty of the Italian countryside.

Through Della Pace we aim to promote sustainable agricultural methods, responsible stewardship of the land and fair prices for small farmers.


After serving nearly a decade in the US military and suffering some personal losses to the war, Caroline was searching for much needed peace. She hopped a plane to Italy and found it (and her husband) in the olive groves.

Her passion for Italian agriculture and supporting small, artisanal farming families is core to our business.

After completing her military service, Caroline participated in a veteran farming training program and then went on to an incubator program at fellow female veteran, Sara Creech's farm, Blue Yonder Organic Farm. It's here that she really cultivated her love for the land and what it can give to you not only tangibly but mentally and spiritually.

Italy provided her that sense of place and peace she had been searching for. The smell of the land, the salt of the sea, the joy in cultivating the simplest ingredients and turning them into an expression of love on the plate. Della Pace is her way of sharing her newfound peace with those she loves back home.




Nasreen's experience as a creative director and brand strategist has helped grow our small company.

Raised by a Filipina mother and a Pakistani father, she lived with an extra large extended family. The beautiful clashing of culture and tradition, the dynamic between different personalities. The only saving grace was dinner. The smell, the taste, the food. Dinner taught her about putting differences aside, fostering & creating a sense of place, the power of community. It's these memories around the table that are her fondest. When Caroline asked Nasreen to join Della Pace, it was a no-brainer. To live la dolce vita like Italians do? To build community through food, create a sense of place through cooking? Yes. 100% yes. One lovingly-made home cooked meal at a time.