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LILLA Alabaster Gua Sha


Our alabaster gua sha comes from the same earth as our olive trees do, the Eutruscan hills of Tuscany.  Using this one small region of Italian soil we can provide nourishment for the body both inside and out.  

Alabaster crystal itself is a drawing stone, it has the ability to draw things to you or from you, depending on your needs. It can help with forgiveness and give mental clarity, it can diminish anger and ease anxiety. It is well known for its soaking quality, as it can absorb the energy of other stones being carried with it becoming one stone which comprises the energies of two. It is used to encourage feelings of peace and calmness while comprising effective energies which let the wearer fight against stress, heal arguments and helps provide inner harmony.

Gua sha is a massage technique that hails from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Originally used for full body treatments for an array of ailments it has now become popular for its lifting, tightening and depuffing results of the face and neck. The stone treatment can ease tensions, stress and anxiety leaving you with a sense of calm and well-being. It encourages lymphatic drainage which helps to rid the body of toxins and improves circulation which plumps, firms and soothes the skin. Best used after the application of any cream, serum or oils in your routine as it helps these treatments penetrate deeply and amplifies their effects. 

The healing powers of the alabaster crystal in conjunction with the therapeutic qualities of the gua sha technique are a true expression of the spa quality self care you can provide yourself daily in the comfort of your own home.  

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