Della Pace

Della Pace 2020-2021 Harvest 500ml 16.9 Fl Oz.


Medium fruity green olive oil, harmonious, with hints of vanilla and pine nut; clear, with golden reflections rich in green hues. High biological quality oil, with specific chemical characteristics established by the production specifications (low acidity value, high content of polyphenols and tocopherols, high content of oleic acid).

The origin and specificity of Tuscan oils are guaranteed by the production specifications which provide that every phase of the supply chain, from the production of the olives to the packaging of the oil, take place within the administrative territory of the Tuscany region. The denomination "Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil Protected Geographical Indication" is therefore reserved for the oil deriving from olives produced in Tuscany from cultivars characteristic of this territory, which must be crushed in mills located in Tuscany and finally the bulk oil must be packaged from Tuscan companies.

Special characteristics: hint of almond, artichoke, green leaf

Taste: sweet, slightly spicy

Use: Ideal raw on vegetables, on bruschetta, cooked on meat and for frying

Production area: Italy

Collection system: Mixed

Color: Yellow with golden reflections

Harvest time - pressing: 24 hours

Altitude: 0 to 600 m a.s.l.

Harvest period: October-November

Bouquet: Medium fruity

Harmony: Harmonic

Crusher: Company - Continuous cycle with cold extraction

Conservation: Stainless steel containers and filling with inert gas.

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