Della Pace



Like most gardens in our tiny village of Diso, Italy we have a lemon tree. 

Year round it provides us with liquid sunshine even on the cloudiest of winter days.  RamiLou is made by pressing these fresh quartered lemons directly with the delicate green Leccino and Favolosa olives. This method creates a light, bright and refreshing oil.

He livens up roasted veggies and salad dressings as well seafood, chicken and everything that touches the grill.  Our personal favorite way to enjoy RamiLou is in baked goods.  Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a fresh out of the oven lemon olive oil cake.  

  • Field blend of Leccino and Favolosa (ETTORE) pressed with fresh local lemons
  • Cold Pressed at 25 degrees C

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